The terms and conditions clause is an important part of the relationship between customer and the company. If the right terms and conditions are set then it will be betterment of both consumers and the service providing company. You are bound to agree by all the following terms and conditions if you decide to hire our services.

Our Contract with You

  • All these terms and conditions are applicable to all our contracted clients and customers.
  • By submitting your contact details to us, you allow us to contact you, if we consider any promotional offers or schemes relevant to you.
  • We will try to complete your work as fast as possible but it also depends on the availability of the relevant domain writer.
  • Full refund will be provided only if we implement our right of refusing your order.
  • The actual price to be paid will be clearly mentioned in the email invoice /order confirmation. It will be inclusive of tax as per applicable. Also, the delivery date and shipping charges will be mentioned with the invoice document.
  • Order price quotations are based on initial content requirements by you. Any additional requirements from the client will be charged extra as per the quantity of work assigned.
  • You cannot contact any of our company employees for direct work assignments.
  • ‘Terms and conditions’ are subject to updated by us with time.
  • In case the assignment is failed, we will make it again or we will adjust the failed assignment amount in any of your other or future order with us. Please note we cannot refund amount for failed work as we need to pay to the writers.

Price and Payment

  • Advance payment will be treated as a confirmation for start writing the content. The payment might be in installments or full. The writer will start working as soon as the payment is received.
  • Work payment is non-refundable as the content is specifically prepared and developed as per your requirements.
  • Payment of first installment means that you agree to pay the whole invoice amount in the aforementioned duration.

Information You Give Us

  • Your co-operation is consistently required throughout the content write-up with requisite information otherwise your content delivery may be delayed.
  • You have to provide us with all the related criteria and essential material, which are to be kept in mind by the writer, before creating the final content. All content/material transfers must be done through e-mail.
  • In case these criteria alter the content by a considerable margin, your deadline will be postponed with respect to the required alteration time.


  • Sometimes due to a valid reason or any unavoidable emergency, we have to extend the given deadline. In that case, you will be informed with the stipulated condition and your due consent will be taken.
  • We can amend the deadline due to any changes required by you in the content document. No refunds will be made in interdiction to the previous deadline. Old deadline hereby go null.
  • You agree that the deadline given to us and your actual submission deadline to the concerned body will have a sufficient interval in between, so that a margin is present for any further changes.


Amendments are changes required by you in the overall content and write-up.

If your requirement is not fully solved with the first draft of the content, then we will make all required efforts to arrange the next best set of writers for you to make all the necessary changes.

All the amendment requests will be entertained only during the free amendment duration specified by us. After that, all the content changes will be chargeable as per the extent of client requirements.

Only single set of amendments will be fulfilled by us. Please clearly mention all the necessary adjustments to be executed at the time of first amendment only. 

If your requested changes fall outside of the scope of your original content requirements, then a writer will be assigned, with their due fees, to complete the content. Writer’s selection depend on their availability.

Any kind of dispute regarding the amendments will be looked after our quality control department. The decision made by the members of quality control team will be final and binding to both the parties



  • You can register a complaint to us regarding work quality within 90 days of the work receipt.
  • You can mail your complaint at our following mail id:
  • All the complaints will be heard by our quality control department. The decision made by them will be final.
  • Our writer is not familiar with you. S/he doesn’t know you personally. The content written by him completely depends on the information provided by you. The evident lower quality of his/her work is due to the incomplete instructions or obscure interpretation provided by you.


  • Content writers have the right to make alterations to the site without issuing any previous notification.
  • Any kind of information, blog or commentary present on the website, cannot be equalized as an intended promise by us, in the content department.
  • The content on our website have links to a number of other websites. We do not have any kind of control over these websites. We shall not be held responsible in any way for the content of any such linked website
  • ODC Research make every effort to reach a predefined standard in terms of content quality. But it cannot be reciprocated/ used as an official statement of failure, to re-garner required content quality by you.
  • We make conscious efforts to secure any of the client’s personal details in the best possible manner. Still, it is strongly advisable to remove all your personal details before providing us with any attachment/ referential content.

Permitted Use of Works

  • The copyrights of any content/work produced by our writers belong to us. They cannot be copied, modified, reproduced, published or transferred in any form; either electronic or print. The purchased copy can only be utilized for your personal use or academic study. It cannot be transferred to any other party for whatsoever purposes.
  • Your decision to use any of our mentioned services is completely your own responsibility. We at ODC Research and our writers are not liable for any of your content ordering decisions which may violate your institution’s regulations or policies.
  • We don’t claim any guarantee about the exam grades you receive after submitting our content. We cannot take responsibilities of circumstances exceeding our reach.
  • If we consider that the content we handed over to you has already been submitted to the concerned body, we can refuse any further amendments to the delivered content.
  • Any content submitted by us, reproduced by you, to any concerning body, as your own piece of work, can result in refusal to make any further amendments to the content.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • ODC Research is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights of its website content and all other works accomplished.
  • We will never republish/resale any of the content provided to you. However, this is not applicable in cases which include payment refund, payment reclamation or partial payment by you.
  • By giving us any kind of referential notes, write-ups or any other written material, in aiding the content development, you automatically state that, you have the permission/license of using all the handed-over written matter.


You need to compensate us against any kind of damages/ costs/charges bring down by lawyers fees upon us. The need of a legal adviser arises after any kind of copyright/intellectual infringement of our work/content by you or any other person using your personal computer.

Sever ability

Any of the stated “Terms and conditions” can be considered to be invalid by the concerned jurisdictional body, with minimum amount of changes ordained to it. In this scenario, after the required changes, the “Terms and conditions” will be applicable in the newly reduced form. Subject to that, each provision shall be interpreted as severable and shall not, in any way affected by the improved/altered terms.

Rights of third parties

No part of this agreement or any content present on our website will transfer benefit to any of the third parties. All dealings/transactions will only occur between us and you.

Settlement of Dispute

In the unlikely case of emerging of a dispute between ODC research and you, both parties will bid to settle down on a mutual agreement. Only the failure of a mutual agreement will result in mediation by a third party or finally getting into legal prosecution.

Act of God

We are not accountable for the un-fulfillment of work/ rupture of commitment, from our side in case of any catastrophic happening. These may include employee strikes, system failure or the misdirection of mails to any third party. We are also not accountable for meeting deadlines, in case of, writer falling for any serious injuries or sickness.

Governing Law

All the legal disputes/claims originating due to or in relation with any of the subject matter, will fall under jurisdiction of Indian law and constitution.