At ODC research we are immensely devoted to secure your privacy. This document about privacy policy explains how your personal data will be utilized by us, for various in-house processes. You can feel free to ask any questions about the usage of your personal information to us. Mail us at

Information Collection

ODC research has multiple sources of accumulating user data. These sources include contact forms and your monthly visits pattern to our website (Through the means of cookies). Other than that we also track your service consumption behavior towards us.

All the information accumulated by your participation in various promotional offers is also kept in record. Customer feedback and profile information is also documented by us.

Information Usage

We use your information, in order for betterment of our services. We also employ them in improving personalized customer experience. Your contact information such as email and contact numbers helps us in multiple ways. It allows us in making you acquainted about various promotional offers and services. We do not transfer any part of user information to any other third-party.

We like to take constant feedback from our clients to improve our services. The feedback is generally requested by an email/newsletter.

We might contact you, if a need arises regarding services and working matters.

All the payment services are handled by trusted third-party payment gateways. They are bound to keep your information confidential and secured under the terms of contract. Further, the information provided to various payment gateways is least and bare necessary, to complete the transaction in an error free and safe way.

Last but not the least; you have the right to remove all your private and confidential data at any point of our service relationship.

Information Security

We stay updated with latest technology and took all requisite steps in order to safeguard your data.

Information Holding

Your private data is held in our record until the existence of a working business relationship. After that, the data is only used for referral and statistical purposes.

Links to other websites

The various outbound links present on our site may point to an external website. If you visit them, your personal data stored by them is completely as per their individual policies. We are not responsible for any of their actions and data usage .The terms stated in our privacy policy contract is not applicable to any other website, other than us.